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13 January 2014 @ 11:23 pm
Her Turn Masterpost  
Dee and Charlie

Title: Her Turn
Pairings: Dean/Charlie
Rating: NC-17/Adult
Word Count: 71,000

Summary: Dean knew from a very young age he was different than other boys, but after being told that boys don't do things like that, Dean decided to hide it. He's attracted to girls anyway, so it's not a big deal to put up a front, right?

The thing is, other than the fact it's responsible for giving him orgasms, he hates his dick, he doesn't like his tiny chest, and he figures there was a mistake somewhere along the way causing him to be born a boy. Dean has shared his secret with a few women over the years, and they've been surprisingly okay with it, but no one else knows, including Sam.

Dean gives up telling anyone about it or having any hope at all after Hell, after being rebuilt by an angel, because if even God has decided he belongs in a male body, then Dean must've been wrong all along. Until Charlie comes along and flips his world upside down.


Part 1 || Part 2

Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8 || Epilogue

AO3 Mirror || Notes & Pics

Warnings and Info: Transphobia, homophobia, internalized cissexism and identity issues. Everything is completely consensual and only described between Dean/Dee and Charlie, but if full disclosure is needed, [Click for Full List of Sex Acts & Story Spoilers]Anal and vaginal pegging and use of dildos, cunnilingus, analingus, anal and vaginal fingering, very mild D/s, very mild spanking, male/female vaginal intercourse, virginity issues, and physical transformation.

Season/Setting: Set in Season 9, but this fic poofs away Sam's possession issues, disregards the end of Slubmer Party 9x04, gives Castiel his grace back, and even though he's adorable, poofs Kevin away.

A/N: This story is from Dean's POV, so the opinions/viewpoints are his, not mine. The idea of what should or shouldn't be physically changed before a transgendered person should be allowed the pronoun of their choice was how I felt Dean would feel about it in this story, not how I feel about it.

This fic is the result of a prompt at spnkink_meme. Click HERE for the full prompt. I want to thank the OP very much for the prompt and for letting me know at least one person would be anxiously awaiting this.
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