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13 July 2014 @ 06:17 pm
Knockdown: Part 2  

Knockdown: Part 2


“Hey, Sam,” Larissa said, sounding even better than she did the day before.

“Hey,” Sam replied, sitting up in bed and smacking Dean on the ass.

“Hey!” Dean whined.

“Take a shower, then get us some breakfast,” Sam said.

“I'm going,” Dean groaned, but then got up and headed into the bathroom.

“Okay, he's gone,” Sam said as soon as the door to the bathroom closed.

“So? How's it going?” she asked.

Sam opened his mouth, and then the previous night flashed through his mind as if he was having a near-death experience and his brain decided to show him a quick summary of the night's activities.

Larissa laughed. “Sam, it's okay,” she said.

“What's okay?” Sam asked, letting out a nervous chuckle.

“You're guys, I told you it had to be something non-brotherly, and it sounded like you just smacked his ass to get him out of bed, which means you guys slept in the same bed,” she said, a smile evident in her tone of voice.

“So, what, now you want a threesome?” Sam asked, then smacked his own forehead. “I can't believe I just said that. I'm sorry.”

Larissa giggled. “While the offer is very generous, I'd rather you guys work at breaking the curse.”

Sam snorted. “Yeah, I'm not really awake yet. That was a stupid thing to say.”

“No problem,” she said. “So what are you trying?”

Sam squeaked. “You want details?”

She snorted. “Well, I suppose if you can't get around giving me details, that's okay, but I didn't mean you had to spill everything.”

“Oh, okay,” Sam said, letting out a sigh of relief. “Well, I did some research, read a lot of articles about how to teach your kids humility, and I think I've got a plan.”

“Ooh, cool!” she said, genuinely sounding excited. “So what have you tried?”

“I made him cook us dinner, which allowed him to do something for someone else and feel appreciated for it,” Sam explained. “Later, when he asked me for something, I told him that was nice, but that he could do it better.”

“I'm assuming you tried other things, but they're not G-rated,” Larissa said.

Sam chuckled. “Yeah, pretty much.”

“Okay, you don't have to tell me,” she said. “I just want to keep tabs on you guys. I really don't want him to die.”

“I know you don't, Larissa,” Sam said.

“Hey, Sam?” she said, sounding uncertain.

“Yeah?” Sam replied.

“You aren't feeling guilty or anything over last night, are you?” she asked.

Sam chuckled. “I wasn't until somebody else figured out what I did last night,” he said, keeping his voice light so as to not sound accusing.

Larissa snorted. “Well knock it off. I really don't give a shit,” she said, chuckling.

Sam huffed out a laugh. “Okay.”

“Oh, and I suppose this would be a good time to reassure you that the curse I put on Dean doesn't make him do anything he wouldn't normally do,” she said.

“I didn't think it did, because he's really not acting differently,” Sam said, “but thank you for the reassurance.”

“Okay, I'll check in with you again,” she said, a smile evident in her tone of voice.

“Thanks again, Larissa,” Sam said, then ended the call and put his phone on the bedside table.

“Can I come out yet?” Dean asked through the door, raising his voice to an obnoxious level.

“Yeah,” Sam replied.

Dean came out of the bathroom naked. “Are you going to tell me who you keep talking to?”

“Some guy that gave me his number last week,” Sam said as he sat up in bed. “We really hit it off.”

“Asshole,” Dean grumbled as he leaned over and opened his duffel bag.

Sam couldn't help but check out Dean's ass as he looked for something to wear. “Leave your clothes,” Sam said.

Dean froze, then let go of the clothes and stood up, turning around to look at Sam with such a confused expression on his face that Sam almost laughed.

“Huh?” Dean asked, then his eyes widened. “Are you going to make me get us breakfast like this?” he asked, pointing down at his body.

“Nope,” Sam said, shaking his head, then he flipped the blanket back, letting Dean see his tented boxers. “You need to take care of this before you get dressed and leave, though.”

Sam watched the expressions on Dean's face, carefully noting his body language and looking for any signs of Dean not being on board with this. Dean said he'd do anything Sam asked, and Sam had a responsibility to make sure Dean knew sex wasn't a requirement, but a request. At least until he knew Dean wanted it. Last night might have been a heat-of-the-moment thing.

“Really?” Dean asked, trying to keep his face neutral.

Sam knew his brother too well. He knew Dean wanted this just by the way his voice cracked a little, the way he was leaning slightly toward Sam, and by the fact that Dean hadn't cussed him out and stomped out the door.

“It's not going to suck itself,” Sam said with a smirk.

Dean stood there for a moment, his eyes moving from Sam's face to his crotch and back again. Dean looked uncertain, but not because he didn't want to do it. Sam knew the look on Dean's face. That was want, hunger. But there was also nervousness and a little fear. Sam knew how to deal with that.

“Come over here,” Sam said, pointing at the floor next to the bed.

Dean immediately obeyed him, then stood there fidgeting. Sam spread his legs and leaned back against the wall.

“Get on the bed,” Sam said, pointing between his legs.

Dean crawled over Sam's right leg, then sat on his heels, waiting for Sam to tell him what to do. He looked as if a wrong word from Sam would send him running.

“Look at me,” Sam said, and gave Dean a reassuring nod when he did as he was told. “I'm giving you the chance to say no. It's a one-time chance, and it doesn't wipe out our deal for the next week if you say no. But if you don't say no right now, I'm not going to ask again.”

Dean nodded his understanding, so Sam pulled his cock out through the slit in his boxers, keeping his eyes on Dean, then raised one eyebrow. Dean didn't say anything, didn't nod or shake his head, but instead he leaned down, his hands coming to rest on Sam's thighs, and put his mouth over the tip of Sam's cock.

Sam groaned, then hissed as Dean sucked, pushing the tip of his tongue into the slit. “Think you can get all of me inside your mouth?” Sam asked.

Dean's cheeks turned pink, but Sam wasn't sure if that was because of the question or because Dean was enjoying his task. He lowered his head, taking Sam in about halfway, then pulled off again, his fingernails digging into Sam's thighs. Sam moved his cock back and forth over Dean's lips, getting a kick out of his precome and Dean's spit making Dean's lips all shiny.

“Do you know what you're doing?” Sam asked softly. There was a chance he'd piss Dean off by asking, but he wanted to know for more than one reason.

Dean rolled his eyes, then pushed Sam's legs open more, making room for himself, then started bobbing on Sam's dick, confident almost to the point of aggressive as he used his left hand to play with Sam's balls.

Sam controlled his hips, though he wanted to give in and just fuck up into Dean's warm mouth. As Dean took more and more of him in, his forehead bumped into Sam's stomach. Dean growled, then wrapped his hands around Sam's knees and yanked, pulling Sam down the bed and flat onto his back. Sam chuckled, then hissed as Dean took him even further down his throat.

“Oh, fuck, Dean,” Sam moaned, not only because it felt so good, but because it was obvious this wasn't Dean's first time. Not that he wanted his brother to be a complete slut, but there was a part of him that was worried Dean had never done this before.

Sam let go of his cock, letting Dean do whatever he wanted, and Dean did. He draped his left forearm over Sam's pelvic area, conveniently holding Sam down, then grabbed Sam's balls in his right hand, his thumb at the base of Sam's cock to hold it in place, like Sam's balls were a handle. Sam wouldn't have ever thought that was a hot thing to do before Dean had just done it, and he felt his cock twitch inside Dean's mouth.

“When you're done taking care of my morning wood,” Sam said, trying to keep his voice from giving away just how turned on he was, “I'm going to let you try and get off, but you've got to come by humping my leg or you don't get to come.”

Dean moaned, making Sam's hips jerk. Sam was grateful Dean was holding him down. He didn't want to choke Dean. Well, he did, but he knew it might piss Dean off, and he didn't want to risk Dean “accidentally” using his teeth.

“You're good at that,” Sam drawled, then grinned when Dean shivered against him.

Sam thought about it for all of two seconds and decided that yes, Dean would be someone who had a praise kink. Well, the sites he had used for research had claimed humility also came from a person knowing they'd done a good job, though being reminded and coached to do even better next time. So why not?

“Look up at me while you suck my cock,” Sam said, shoving another pillow under his head so he could watch Dean. He reached down and ran his fingers over Dean's forearm. “Do you remember the first guy you sucked off?” he asked, keeping a straight face when Dean's cheeks turned pink again. “Yeah, everybody remembers their first. Did you choke on his cock? Did he tell you how pretty those lips looked around his cock? Like a girl's lips? So pink and soft?”

Dean's face turned red and he looked down at his own arm, unable to keep eye contact. Sam pinched Dean's arm.

“I said look at me,” Sam said sternly, and nodded his approval when Dean did as he was told. “That guy was wrong. And anybody else who told you you're too pretty to do anything but take a cock,” he said, watching carefully as his brother struggled to keep eye contact. “I can feel your strength, smell how excited you are about all of this, the musk of your precome, that smell that's all you, and I'd never for even a second forget it's you and think I've got some chick sucking on my cock.”

Dean's rhythm faltered for a moment and his eyes looked just a little watery, and Sam felt his chest burn with anger at anyone who dared to talk to his brother that way, whoever it was that made Dean expect anything but respect.

“You're really good at that,” Sam said with a soft smile. “But I bet you could be even better if you wanted to be. For me.”

Dean glanced down again, as if he couldn't help it, but caught himself so Sam wouldn't have to demand eye contact again.

“Have you ever taken a cock this size all the way?” Sam asked.

Dean pulled off Sam's cock, a grin on his face. “In my ass, yes,” he said, then started bobbing on Sam's cock again.

Sam chuckled. “I think you can take me. C'mon, suck me all the way down.”

Dean's eyes narrowed, and Sam knew he'd said the right thing. Dean was now taking it as a challenge. He'd get Sam's whole cock in his mouth even if it meant he'd choke and gag.

“Oh, fuck,” Sam moaned as Dean worked at it, Sam's cock disappearing into Dean's mouth a little more each downstroke.

Dean gagged, his eyes watering, but he didn't stop. If anything, Dean tried even harder after he'd gagged.

“You're almost there,” Sam said, panting. “You gonna suck me down, Dean? Want me to come down your throat or all over your face?”

Dean choked and gave Sam a look that said 'you're a jerk.' Sam chuckled, then groaned as Dean swallowed around him.

“Yeah, like that,” Sam encouraged, finding it harder and harder to keep his hips still. Dean choked again, so Sam decided to change things up. “Put your hands on my thighs,” he said, then took Dean's head in his hands, one on each side. “Relax. I'm going to fuck your face.”

Sam's hips started moving and Dean did exactly as he'd been told. He gagged the first time Sam pushed up into his mouth, but on the second thrust, he relaxed, letting Sam in more each time Sam fucked him.

“You're doing so well, Dean,” Sam said, aware that his words were slurred but not caring. Dean was letting him have total control, and Sam didn't want Dean to think he didn't appreciate that. “So good for me,” he said.

Sam pushed all the way in, groaning when Dean's throat tightened around him, his gag reflex kicking in again, but Sam just held him there for a few seconds, keeping a count in his head so he didn't deprive Dean of air for too long. When he pulled out of Dean, he gave it a three-second count, then pushed back in.

“Fuck, Dean, you're taking me all the way in,” Sam gasped. “Gonna make me come. Gonna come down your throat. Gonna fuck your face and come down that throat until I'm all spent and you're gaggin' on my jizz.”

Dean's fingernails were digging into Sam's thighs, but it only added to Sam's pleasure. He pulled out one more time, then shoved back in, coming down Dean's throat as he'd promised, watching Dean's face as he fought to keep from gagging, swallowing as much as he could.

Sam lifted Dean off his cock when he was done, then pulled him up, shoving his tongue in Dean's mouth to taste himself. Dean moaned into the kiss, his hips jerking against Sam, his cock riding the crease between Sam's leg and stomach. Sam's hands moved from Dean's head to his hips, encouraging Dean to hump him.

Dean reached up and put his hands on either side of Sam's neck, holding him in place and shoving his tongue into Sam's mouth, panting as he humped Sam's stomach. Sam chuckled into the kiss, then pushed Dean back. Dean frowned at him, looking upset that Sam had put a stop to the activities.

“I said you can get off by humping my leg, not my stomach,” Sam said.

Dean rolled his eyes. “You might want to take that stick outta your ass, Sammy.”

Sam snorted. “Would that be attitude?” he asked with a smirk.

Dean's eyes widened and he shook his head. “That's brotherly banter,” he said, then his mouth caught up with his brain and he grimaced. “Can we just pretend I didn't say that?”

Sam shrugged. “Unless you get off on it,” he said nonchalantly.

Dean froze, sitting on Sam's leg, his cock still hard and leaking. He looked so lost, so unsure of himself that Sam felt a little bad.

Sam decided to go for the direct approach. “You wanna hump your little brother's leg until you come all over him?” he asked, keeping his expression neutral, making sure there wasn't a teasing tone to his voice. Dean's cock answered the question for him by twitching and Sam chuckled, reaching out and tapping the tip. “Shall I assume that was a yes?” he asked with a smirk.

Dean looked down at Sam's leg, then back up at Sam. “I never did anything to you. I swear.”

Sam was confused for a moment, then he realized how distressed Dean looked. Sam shook his head as he started playing with the tip of Dean's cock, rubbing his fingers over the glans. “I know, Dean. It's okay if it turns you on. Ask me about some of my jerk-off fantasies some time,” he said with a wink.

He watched carefully as Dean let that fully sink in, the way his shoulders dropped in relief, his facial features softened, and then it finally hit his dick and he moaned, his hips jerking.

“You're not just saying that, are you?” Dean asked, his balls dragging over Sam's leg as he moved. “You seriously jerked off thinking about me?”

Sam chuckled. “Fingered myself too,” he said with a grin.

Dean bucked up, and Sam ran his fingers over Dean's shaft as a reward for being honest and admitting to something that had to be hard for Dean. Dean had always been so protective of Sam, and Sam knew Dean never would've initiated any of this himself.

Sam used his thumb to stimulate the bundle of nerves just under the head of Dean's cock. “Since we're being all honest and open without you freaking out and calling me a whiny little bitch,” he said with a smirk, “I'm going to let your dick tell me if you'd like baby brother to fuck your ass.”

“Fuck,” Dean whimpered as his cock jerked and he came all over Sam's hand.

Sam's eyes widened and he sat there staring at his brother for a moment. Dean panted as he came down, his hips still jerking. Sam chuckled. “So should I take that as a yes for actually doing it or was that one of those things where you hear something fuckin' hot and get all excited in theory, but you'd rather not actually do it?”

Dean moaned, gently rocking on Sam's leg. “I didn't even hear half of those words, and the rest I didn't understand because I just jizzed all over my baby brother's hand,” he said with a satisfied grin.

Sam chuckled, then his own cock jerked when he thought of the perfect way to rile Dean. He raised his hand and started licking himself clean.

“Oh, fuck,” Dean breathed, his eyes wide and his cock jerking against Sam's leg even though he'd just come.

Sam made a show of it, sucking on his fingers and even licking at his palm. When he was done, he smirked at Dean. “You've got twenty minutes to get us breakfast.”

Dean scowled. “That's not enough time to shower and get food.”

Sam shrugged. “Guess you gotta go smelling like sex. And now you've only got nineteen minutes.”

Dean huffed, but climbed off Sam and hurriedly pulled some clothes on. “Coffee?” he asked as he stood in the doorway.

“Yup,” Sam said, then waved.

As soon as Dean drove away, Sam was out of bed and throwing his clothes on. He sprinted over to the hole-in-the-wall sex shop across the street, hoping to be back before Dean.


“Come and get it,” Dean announced as he walked into the motel room, bags of food in one hand and two coffees in a holder balanced on the same hand.

Sam was sitting at the table, and even though he'd just gotten back to the motel room himself, he pretended to have been researching, closing the laptop and setting it aside.

Dean sat down at the table, setting the bag down and putting Sam's coffee in front of him. He emptied the bag, placing the Styrofoam containers of food in front of them.

“You're not eating at the table, Dean,” Sam said.

Dean started to protest, but closed his mouth and stood up. “Okay, where do you want me?”

Sam looked Dean up and down. “Strip.”

Dean chuckled. “You want me to stay naked the whole time we're in motel rooms?” he asked with a cocky little smirk on his face.

Sam ignored him as he sipped his coffee. When Dean kicked his last piece of clothing to the side, Sam nodded. “Good. Now turn around and bend over.”

Dean hesitated. “You're not going to shove the food up my ass, are you?” he asked, a sour look on his face.

Sam snorted. “No. We're too hungry to waste that food,” he said, shaking his head. “I'm going to put this in,” he said, holding up a butt plug. It was black with a cute little doggy tail that would stick out of Dean.

Dean's eyes widened and he took a step back. “What the fuck, Sam?!” he blurted.

“Don't worry, I'll use lube,” Sam said, an innocent smile on his face.

Sam watched as Dean's ears turned pink and he stared at the plug in Sam's hand. Sam had always gotten a kick out of the way Dean would work through things right before Sam's eyes, and Dean was not only working through it, he was psyching himself up to do it.

“You don't want to be my puppy?” Sam asked, one eyebrow arched.

The blush spread, then Dean forced himself to turn around. He slowly bent over, as if he really had to work at it. Sam was sure he did. They'd seen each other in all sorts of positions over the years, you had to when injuries were a part of your job and hospitals weren't an option. And even over the last few days they'd seen more of each other than they ever had, but Sam knew this was different. Dean wasn't aroused, and as far as Dean knew, Sam just wanted to see a tail sticking out of his ass.

Sam wrapped a hand around Dean's left leg, pulling Dean toward him and between his legs. Dean started to stand up straight again, but Sam put the hand on his back and pushed him down again. Sam opened the lube and drizzled some on his fingers, then gently rubbed his middle finger around Dean's hole.

“Relax, man,” Sam said, knowing that Dean was too tense to take the plug without pain.

“You try relaxing with your ass in your brother's face,” Dean grumbled.

Sam rolled his eyes, then pushed his middle finger in, making Dean gasp. “You don't like showing off?” Sam said, knowing full well that Dean liked charming people, not showing off or performing. There was a huge difference.

Dean didn't reply, but it did seem that he was trying to relax. Sam pushed in further, then pulled out a bit before pushing his index finger in along side his middle finger. Dean hissed, probably feeling the burn. He was still too tense.

Sam leaned forward and blew a puff of air over Dean's crack, smiling when Dean squirmed on his fingers. It had the desired effect. Dean's hole loosened and Sam was able to push in a third finger. Sam rubbed over Dean's prostate a few times as reward for relaxing and grinned when Dean's thighs shook.

“Take a breath,” Sam said as he wiped some lube onto the plug and held it up to Dean's hole. “Now breathe out.”

Dean grunted as Sam pushed the plug in, but he stayed still. When the plug popped in, the flared rim keeping it snugly inside Dean, Sam patted Dean's ass.

“Okay, on your knees,” he said.

Dean did as he was told, but didn't look up at Sam. Instead he stared at the floor, his back bowed to tuck the tail underneath himself.

“If you want your breakfast,” Sam said, running his fingers through Dean's hair, “you have to wag your tail and beg nicely.”

Dean shivered, his shoulders hunching even more. He pushed his face into the leg of Sam's jeans, hiding from what he was told to do.

“Bad doggies get a time out in the corner,” Sam warned.

Sam could hear Dean breathing heavily. He knew his brother was having a hard time with this, but he reminded himself that it was what Dean needed. If he couldn't teach Dean humility by the end of the week, he'd lose him.

Instead of helping Dean, he turned and started eating his breakfast, ignoring Dean completely. Sam made it halfway through his eggs and had eaten two pieces of bacon by the time Dean moved. It was subtle at first, just a little shaking of the hips, but Sam was paying attention.

“This bacon is really good,” Sam commented. “I bet my doggy would like some of it.”

Sam froze as he felt Dean nudging his leg with his nose. Dean didn't say anything, but he got to his hands and knees properly instead of sitting hunched over on his heels, then he wiggled his hips more, making the tail wag.

Sam held up a piece of bacon. “Is that my good doggy?” Sam asked, looking down at Dean.

Dean's face was bright red, his eyes wide, and he was biting his lip. It was one of the hottest things Sam had ever seen, mostly because Dean wasn't even trying to be sexy.

“Please,” Dean said, then nudged Sam's leg with his nose again.

Sam smiled. “My doggy's trying really hard, but he probably shouldn't use words.”

Dean finally met Sam's eyes. He almost looked as if he was in pain, but Sam didn't give in. His brother needed this. Dean barked and Sam's smile grew.

“Good boy,” Sam said, holding the piece of bacon up to Dean's lips.

And that's when Sam realized Dean was scared, not just humiliated. Sam just held the bacon, waiting for Dean to take it. Sam knew the look in Dean's eyes. It happened every once in a while since Dean had been in Hell, and it probably would continue until the day Dean died again.

Their experiences in Hell were so different, and things Sam would expect Dean to freak out over, he just didn't, and times like these, when Dean freaked out over something that didn't even seem malicious, it was a surprise to Sam. He knew everything was used against souls in Hell, but it was always the little things, and really Sam should know better than to be surprised.

Sam didn't ask, and Dean would either tell him later tonight when they were in bed and the lights were off, or maybe Dean would just never make mention of it. All Sam could do was hope that Dean would remember Sam would never do whatever Alastair had done to make that fear flare in Dean's eyes.

Dean opened his mouth and took the bacon, slowly chewing it. Whatever Dean had been scared of must've passed because the second time Sam held a piece of bacon out to him, Dean took it without hesitation.

Sam reached down and ruffled Dean's hair. “You're a good boy,” he murmured before taking another bite of eggs.

Dean wagged his tail, gaining confidence, and the next time Sam held a piece of bacon out to Dean, he wrapped his lips around Sam's fingers and sucked them clean, wagging his tail the whole time.

Sam smiled down at Dean even as his cock twitched in his jeans. “You look so adorable with that little tail sticking out of your ass,” he commented.

Dean frowned up at him, as if adorableness wasn't what he'd been hoping for. Sam scooped up some eggs with the spork and fed it to Dean, which made the frown disappear, and then he held Dean's coffee up to his lips, which made Dean's tail wag again.

Sam patted Dean's head as he set the cup down on the table again. They finished up the food, then Sam turned to Dean.

“You want a belly rub?” Sam asked.

Dean looked confused for a moment, but when he looked down at what Sam was doing with his hand, Dean grinned and wagged his tail.

“Roll over,” Sam said, palming his erection through his jeans.

Dean did as he was told, looking enthusiastic. Sam knew Dean would have no problem doing things now that there was sex in the equation, but Dean might change his mind in a moment. Sam stood up and walked to Dean's side, and as he reached out and actually did rub Dean's stomach, Dean frowned up at him, his cock already half hard.

“Put your feet flat on the floor,” Sam said, nodding when Dean did as he was told. “Now let your knees drop to the side so your legs spread wide for me.”

Dean's cock twitched, but Sam didn't touch it. Instead he walked over to the bed, grabbed a pillow, then took it to Dean, sitting him up and putting it under his head and shoulder area so he'd be comfortable.

Sam sat back down on the chair at the table after turning it to face Dean. “Jerk yourself off.”

Dean nodded, reaching down and taking hold of his cock, but after a few strokes, he frowned up at Sam. “Are you just going to watch?” Dean asked, his tone of voice playful even though Sam knew Dean was getting uncomfortable with the attention.

“Nope,” Sam said, leaning forward and resting his elbows on his thighs.

Dean didn't look happy about it, but he did start stroking himself again.

“Look at me,” Sam said.

Dean sighed, but did as he was told. Sam didn't touch himself and he kept his face neutral, just watching Dean. Finally Dean's eyes went down to his own cock. Sam glanced down there as well and realized Dean was still only half hard.

“You can do better than that,” Sam said, keeping his tone just as neutral as his facial expression. “And look at me.”

Dean did, but he seemed frustrated, as if he was about to start complaining or give up. Sam had no intention of helping him yet. He was waiting. If he was right, Dean would get it and try something else, even though it would take humility. If he was wrong, maybe everything he'd been doing over the last few days was for nothing.

He watched as Dean continued to stroke himself, a frown line forming between his eyebrows as his dick stayed only half hard. Soon Dean would be getting sore, if he wasn't already. But Sam just sat there, looking Dean in the eye.

Part of being humble was asking for help, admitting when you couldn't do something. If Dean refused to ask, he'd either end up with a very sore dick by the end of the night or he'd get pissed and refuse to continue. Sam had it all planned out in his head in case Dean chose any one of the options Sam thought of. He hoped Dean wouldn't choose to get pissed and stop because he knew Dean would have a really hard time standing in the corner like a naughty child in time out.

Dean winced, glancing down at his dick, which looked a little red, though that wasn't because he was aroused and hard. Sam continued watching, mentally prodding his brother to ask for help.

“Sam?” Dean finally said, his hand slowing.

“Yes, Dean?”

“I'm trying, really,” Dean said, his cheeks turning pink.

“Okay,” Sam said with a shrug.

Dean squeezed his eyes shut and his left hand curled into a fist. Then he took a cleansing breath and opened his eyes again. “I don't think I can do this. Can I do something else or can you... I don't know,” he said, shaking his head and wincing as if he really didn't want to ask. “My dick hurts, I'm not getting any harder, and all I can think about is you staring at me. Can you help me out a little? Please?”

Sam let him squirm for a moment before nodding. “Tell me what you'd like me to do to help you,” he said. “If you ask nicely, I'll do it.”

Dean gaped at him, his eyes wide. Sam kept his composure. The look on Dean's face was so adorable, so lost and unsure that Sam just wanted to put him out of his misery.

“Uhm, I don't know,” Dean said with a shrug. “I don't know what you'll do.”

“Think about it,” Sam said. “Take your time. I got all night. Think about what you'd like, what would get you off, and just tell me.”

“Can't you tell me to do something?” Dean asked, and it seemed like he was getting more upset. “What do you want me to do?”

Sam knew it would be hard for Dean. He grew up obeying his father and doing what he thought was best for Sam and their little family. When John had died, Dean still had that purpose in life, even if it was just the two of them. And then there was Hell. Sam knew Alastair had molded Dean, taught him almost everything he knew, and so Dean had another mentor, someone to tell him what to do.

The average person wouldn't think Dean wanted to be told what to do, but Sam knew better. Bobby had known better, which is why he'd kept in touch with Dean even more so when Dean was on his own. And though it hadn't ended up being a permanent thing, Dean had done what Lisa had told him to do. Dean didn't know Sam knew that one, but he did.

Dean had even listened to Castiel, whether it seemed like it or not. Sure, he fought, he pissed and moaned about shit, but when it came down to it, the things Cas told him, the things Dean knew were right, the carefully veiled orders from Cas were what Dean needed and he'd followed them.

“No,” Sam said, shaking his head. “Close your eyes, think about what would get you off really hard, and tell me. I don't want to hear shit you want to do for me or what would get me off because this one's on you.”

Dean stared at him for a moment, as if Sam would suddenly realize it was a stupid request and take it back. When Sam just stared right back, Dean sighed and closed his eyes. Sam gave him time, keeping an eye on Dean's face and cock, watching for signs that Dean was finding what he really wanted.

His face scrunched up with frustration and he looked up at Sam. “Okay, so you know all those times when we were younger and I told you how to please a woman? How to make a girl or a guy go nuts and really have a great time?”

Sam nodded. “Yeah.”

“It's because that's what gets me off,” Dean said. “I learn another person. I learn what they like, how they think, what makes them tense up or what makes them squirm and moan, and that's what excites me. If I can get somebody to lose their mind and stare up at me with a stupid grin on their face, telling me they've never come so hard before, it's the best compliment ever.”

“So you don't get off to porn?” Sam asked.

Dean snorted. “Well, yeah, I get off to porn. Who doesn't?” he said with a sour look on his face.

Sam chuckled, wondering if Dean even knew there were people out there who didn't like porn. “So what's your favorite things to see in porn? What gets you off the hardest? What's the thing you look for when you want to get off fast and hard and you don't have much time?”

Dean huffed. “Anything that really fucking shows one person getting off hard on what the other person is doing for them!” he said, his voice raising in irritation.

Sam held up his hand. “Okay, okay, I get it,” he said, trying to calm Dean down. “So if I were to tell you to close your eyes and jerk off to a fantasy, what would the fantasy be even if it involves another person? Tell me your favorite.”

“No,” Dean said with a frown.

Sam snorted. “Why?”

“Because I said no,” Dean said.

“Because it's embarrassing?” Sam asked.

“Because it's sick,” Dean snarled.

Sam grinned. “You do realize I've been to Hell, right? You're not the only one that's gotten off on things most people would find sick and disgusting.”

“It's from before Hell and still gets me off,” Dean said, a challenge in his eyes along with a little fear.

Sam sighed, then slid down to the floor and crawled between Dean's legs, putting a hand on either side of Dean's torso so that his face was inches above Dean's. Dean blinked up at him, looking nervous. Sam let his jeans-clad legs rub against Dean's skin, knowing it would feel good.

“I promise it's not going to disgust me,” Sam whispered, then shook his head when Dean opened his mouth to protest. “No. I promise. I'm a stubborn guy and I'm promising you this. And I'll even give you incentive. If you tell me what it is,” he said with a grin as he leaned down and rubbed his nose over Dean's cheek, “I'll give you the choice of either doing exactly as I say to get the both of us off or playing out this fantasy you're terrified I'll be disgusted over.”

Sam lifted his head so he could watch Dean's face, see his eyes, wide and searching Sam's own eyes for any hint that Sam wasn't being sincere.

Dean finally sighed, obviously coming to a decision. “Okay, but I warned you.”

Sam nodded. “Yep. Disclaimers given and received. Go.”

Dean grimaced. “Okay, I'm the one that gave you the birds and bees talk. Dad would've, but you happened to ask when he was gone, so I did it. It felt really cool to be the one to teach you something so basic about life and something that I knew you'd enjoy more and more as you got older. It made me feel really good. And when you were fifteen and wanted to know how to lose your gag reflex when you sucked cock, you asked me. Again, it made me feel really good that you trusted me to not only teach you about it, but you came to me without a doubt I'd still love you no matter who you chose as a sexual partner.”

Sam grinned. “I knew you fucked guys. I wasn't worried you were homophobic.”

Dean shrugged. “I know, but that was cool too. You knew me well enough to know that about me. I knew other kids didn't have that with their siblings. I had friends when I was a kid who had to learn from their friends because they couldn't even imagine asking their parents or siblings. I had other friends who hid the fact they were gay or lesbian because their parents and siblings were so homophobic they were scared.”

Sam nodded, feeling a sympathetic tightness in his chest for all those kids. “You're right. I had some friends like that too. But I was always sure that, even if you didn't swing both ways, you wouldn't have cared one bit that I did.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah. So I kind of developed a kink for it. You know, the whole teaching you things,” he said, a blush on his cheeks.

Sam grinned. “Teacher and student roleplay isn't that fucked up, Dean.”

“I'm not done yet,” Dean said with a wince.

Sam chuckled. “Okay. Go ahead.”

“I swear I never would've done anything to you,” Dean said.

Sam rolled his eyes. “I thought we already addressed this,” he said. “A fantasy is a fantasy. You never hurt me. You're the world's awesomest big brother.”

Dean squirmed a little. “Okay, so you asked me about threesomes, in particular two guys with one girl.”

Sam nodded, feeling his cock twitch in his jeans. “Yeah, that one was awesome. And even though it was the first time I'd ever done that, it wasn't the last.”

Dean grinned. “That's my boy,” he said, then shook his head. “Okay. Moving on. After you asked me that, I got to thinking it would've been cool for you to ask for hands-on training. I would've said no at the time, but it was a fun fantasy. I thought of us picking up a chick and both of us banging her at the same time.”

Sam chuckled. “If I would've known you were interested, I probably would've asked for it.”

Dean huffed. “Yeah, which is why I would've said no. You were a kid.”

“A kid who was having threesomes,” Sam said with a smirk.

Dean shook his head. “We're moving on.”

“Okay, move on,” Sam said, still smiling.

“The more I fantasized about it,” Dean said, looking up at Sam, “the more I changed around the positions of everyone involved. First I fucked her ass, you fucked her pussy, then I fucked her pussy and you fucked her ass. But then one night I was jerking off to that fantasy and it turned into you wanting to fuck me, so I asked if you'd ever fucked a guy before, and you said no.”

“Even though I already had,” Sam mumbled.

Dean chuckled. “It's my fantasy. Shut up.”

Sam smirked. “Go ahead.”

“So I say I'll teach you to fuck a guy,” Dean said, the blush coming to his cheeks again. “You were all excited, so focused on what I was doing. You always picked up things quickly and you were always thrilled to learn, so it made the fantasy more fun to apply that to sex. I showed you how to fuck me, how to drive me wild, and then once you got the hang of it, you said you wanted to know how it felt to be fucked.”

“Which I'd also already done,” Sam said.

Dean pinched Sam's side. “I said shut up.”

Sam chuckled. “Shutting up.”

“That's when it turned into the kind of thing I really get a kick out of,” Dean continued. “I figured out everything that made you squeak and moan and everything that made you bite your lip or gasp. That part of it, the part where I learn you and do everything I can to drive you wild is what I get off on hardest when I jerk off to a fantasy.”

“Okay, so now that you're done telling me, is this the disgusted face I should use?” Sam asked, making a stupid kissy face. “Or is this my disgusted face?” he asked as he crossed his eyes, stuck his tongue out, and stretched his neck out at an odd angle.

Dean punched him in the side. It wasn't a hard hit because of their positioning and because Dean really didn't want to hurt him. “You're an asshole.”

“Yeah, I am,” Sam said with a smile. “Now, the choice is still yours. Do you want to play out the fantasy or do you want me to tell you what to do?”

Dean blushed even as he rolled his eyes. “I believe you've mentioned more than once that you're not a virgin.”

“So?” Sam asked. “You've never roleplayed with anybody?”

“It's just a stupid fantasy though,” Dean said.

“Are you fighting this because you think it won't be as good as it is in your fantasy or because you still think I'm suddenly going to get disgusted?” Sam asked.

Dean stared up at Sam, working through everything in his head. “You'd do that?” he asked softly.

Sam leaned down, his lips so close to Dean's that they brushed together as he spoke. “You think I've never gotten gotten off to the idea of us fucking?” he whispered.

Dean's eyes widened and he moaned, his eyes closing. When he opened his eyes to look at Sam again, he seemed much more relaxed and excited.

Sam smirked. “I've never fucked a guy before, Dean,” he said, making his voice softer than normal, the pitch a little higher.

Dean's breath hitched. “Fuck, Sammy,” he hissed.

“Will you show me?” Sam asked as he moved his hips, rubbing the crotch of his jeans against Dean's balls, letting Dean feel his erection. “Show me how to fuck you so I know what I'm doing when I fuck that guy who gave me his number in the cafeteria yesterday.”

Dean shivered beneath him as he started breathing heavier. Then Dean let out a loud bark of laughter. “I've got a tail sticking out of my ass,” he said, chuckling.

Sam snorted, then reached between them to wrap his fingers around the base of the plug. “Ready?” he asked, and when Dean nodded, Sam gently pulled the plug out.

Dean winced. “I've never worn a plug topside before.”

“Did you like it?” Sam asked.

“I think if you would've been into it, I would've liked it, but with you just sitting there eating breakfast with all your clothes on, it was kinda strange,” Dean said. “I have no idea if you liked it or liked what I was doing.”

“I did,” Sam said with a nod as he tossed the tail into the bathroom.

“Well, maybe we could use it another time,” Dean said. “Only next time I gotta know you're into it.”

Sam nodded. “Deal,” he said with a smile. “So what do I do now, big brother?”

“Fuck,” Dean breathed. “I'm gonna come before you even get your cock inside me.”

Sam reached down and squeezed the base of Dean's cock, chuckling when Dean swore and squirmed beneath him. “There, I helped.”

“I can't express to you how much I appreciate the help,” Dean said through clenched teeth. “But I may be able to return the favor sometime.”

Sam chuckled. “I was just showing you what you taught me,” he said with a smirk.

Dean groaned. “Yeah, I did teach you that one.”

“And it kept me from coming before I got to actually fuck anybody the first few times I had sex,” Sam said.

“It hasn't helped since then?” Dean asked.

Sam nodded. “Yeah, it's helped a lot actually. But now I'm getting out of character. You were about to tell me what to do first.”

Dean looked up at him for a moment, as if deciding whether or not they were actually going to do this, even though it more than turned him on. Finally Dean must've come to a decision. “Remember how I told you that with girls you need to make sure they're really into it and to eat them out until they're nice and wet and they've come at least once before you fuck them?”

“Yeah?” Sam said with a nod.

“Well, that kinda ruins it for guys unless you've got somebody who can come more than once in a fairly short period of time,” Dean said.

“Oh,” Sam said with a frown. “Can you come again later if I accidentally make you come before I fuck you?”

Dean nodded. “I can, but it takes a lot longer the second time.”

“Oh, okay,” Sam said. “Do I still need to make a guy really wet?”

Dean's breath caught in his chest again. “Uhm, well, guys don't get wet on their own like girls, so you're going to need a combination of your mouth and some good lube.”

“Like this?” Sam asked, holding up a big bottle of lube.

Dean nodded. “Yup. That'll work.”

“So is it the same as with a girl before I fuck them?” Sam asked. “Do I need to kiss you, lick you, and suck on your tongue before I go below the waist?”

Dean squeaked, then nodded. Sam wasn't sure if he was really fucking turned on or if he was freaking out over the idea of a kiss.

“Do you want me to kiss you, big brother?” Sam asked, pushing as much innocence and sweetness into his tone of voice as he could.

“Fuck, yeah,” Dean breathed.

That settled it. Sam nodded. “Okay,” he said, then leaned down slowly, brushing his lips over Dean's, his tongue coming out to trace over Dean's bottom lip.

Dean's arms came up and he ran his hands over Sam's sides as Sam gently pushed his tongue into Dean's mouth, tentatively touching the tip of Dean's tongue, as if he wasn't sure he should do it. Dean flicked his tongue against Sam's, and Sam made a noise of shocked excitement, his body flinching, and he felt Dean smiling into the kiss.

Sam moved his hips, grinding between Dean's spread legs. By the time Sam pulled back, Dean was grinning up at him.

“That was really good, Sammy,” Dean said. “Keep going. Just go where you want to and listen to the noises I make and pay attention to the way my body moves. Guys usually like if you suck on their dick to get them hard before you fuck them, so make your way slowly down there.”

Sam nodded, then licked over Dean's neck, wide and sloppy, grinning as Dean snorted. Sam pulled back and looked at Dean, a concerned expression on his face. “That wasn't good?”

Dean smiled. “It's okay. Wet and messy isn't usually all that hot until we're further along, but it's not a turn-off.”

Sam smiled. “Okay,” he said, then leaned down again and used little licks across Dean's neck and chest, kissing and nibbling at his skin.

“Yeah, like that,” Dean said, then he hissed as Sam bit his left nipple. “Some guys don't think about their own nipples, but don't pass them by. I've never had a guy complain when I played with their nipples.”

Sam moaned around Dean's nipple, getting a kick out of the way Dean gasped and arched his back. Sam licked down to Dean's stomach, dipping into Dean's naval, then tickling over the skin just above his very hard cock. Dean sat up a little, getting his elbows underneath him so he could watch Sam.

“Can I lick it?” Sam asked, his mouth hovering over Dean's dick.

Dean nodded. “Yeah, just be careful not to get too enthusiastic or I'll come.”

Sam took a tentative lick, then pulled back, looking at Dean with wide eyes. “I've never been with an uncut guy before. Do I have to do anything different? Is it more sensitive?”

Dean grinned. “You've never played with a guy's foreskin?” he asked.

Sam rolled his eyes. “Yes, I have, but this is supposed to be new to me,” he grumbled.

Dean chuckled. “Sorry. And it was new to me a few years ago too.”

Sam smiled. “You told me at the time it was new and a fun new toy to play with. You still feel that way?”

“Hell, yeah!” Dean said. “I don't have to use lube if I don't want to when I'm jerking off and it feels amazing sliding over the head of my dick.”

Sam groaned. “Think I could get Cas to give me back mine?”

Dean laughed. “He knows I really get a kick out of mine, so he might if you ask him.”

“Does it feel different when you fuck somebody?” Sam asked.

Dean grimaced. “Not really, but that's probably because I use condoms.”

“Always?” Sam asked.

Dean nodded. “Always. But I gotta say, blowjobs are even better with foreskin.”

“Would you ever consider ditching the condom?” Sam asked, ignoring the blowjob comment.

“I would if I trusted the person when they said they were clean,” Dean said.

“Would you trust me?” Sam asked.

“Are we talking clean as in you've been tested a while back or clean as in you've never gone without a condom?” Dean asked.

Sam grinned. “Clean as in I haven't gone without a condom since an angel cleansed me.”

Dean laughed. “There aren't many people in the world you could use that line on.”

Sam chuckled. “I'd imagine I'm not the only one who would make that claim, but at least with me you know it's true.”

Dean nodded. “Yeah, I'll give you that.”

“So,” Sam drawled.

“Yeah, I'd ditch the condom with you,” Dean said with a nod.

Sam grinned. “Okay, now teach your baby brother how to play with your foreskin,” he said.

Dean groaned as his cock twitched. “There's more you can do with foreskin, but it's nothing special. Pretty much anything you do feels awesome.”

“So I should bite?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“You do it and I'll bite you back,” Dean warned.

Sam looked down at Dean's dick. “Hmm, it might be worth the risk.”

Dean covered his dick with his hands. “I forgot you're all into biting. So no, I won't bite you back. I'll kick your ass.”

Sam snorted, then leaned down and licked Dean's fingers, trying to push his tongue between them to get at Dean's cock. Dean chuckled, the look on his face both indulgent and turned on. Sam moaned when Dean finally moved his hand, his tongue tracing around the edge of the foreskin, then pushing in. Sam used his left hand to hold Dean's cock as he pushed his tongue in deeper while he pulled Dean's foreskin up and around his tongue.

“Fuck, Sammy, you're a quick study,” Dean breathed.

Sam pulled back, his eyes wide as if he'd just thought of something. “Dude! Do you think your foreskin would fit over the end of my dick?” he asked, all innocence and excitement.

Dean's mouth dropped open and he squeaked, belatedly nodding. “Yeah, you can do that,” he said.

Sam grinned and hurriedly pulled his cock out. He'd done this before, but it had felt great, so it wasn't a chore to act as if it was something new and fun. He touched the tip of his dick to Dean's, then wrapped his hands around both their dicks, gently pulling Dean's foreskin over his cockhead.

“Oh, Dean,” Sam moaned, his hips twitching forward as he held their dicks in a tighter grip. “I like this!”

Dean's eyes were locked on where they were connected, his gaze so intense that Sam's cock twitched from that alone. Dean's foreskin wasn't as long as the two other men he'd tried this with, but it didn't matter. It felt great and Dean was getting a kick out of it too.

“Look, you can see my dick moving around in there,” Sam said, pointing at the bulge in Dean's foreskin.

“Fuck,” Dean breathed. “Yeah, Sammy, you can.”

They were both leaking, making the slide of skin against skin even better. Sam grinned down at Dean. “Can you come like this?” he asked.

Dean shook his head. “It's fuckin' hot, but I need more,” he said with a frown.

“So how do I get you off, big brother?” Sam asked.

“Huh?” Dean asked, finally breaking the staring contest he was having with their cocks to look up at Sam, confused expression on his face.

“C'mon, Dean!” Sam whined, using his most annoying little brother voice.

Dean rolled his eyes, but there was an indulgent look on his face, which made Sam's chest feel tight with an emotion he shouldn't really associate with fucking his brother, but no one else was there to make him feel like an ass for it, so who gave a fuck.

“Get, uhm, get some lube on your fingers,” Dean said.

Sam let go of their dicks and grabbed the lube, flicking the lid open and purposely squeezing nearly half the bottle out into the palm of his right hand.

“Whoa, that's enough,” Dean said, holding up his hands.

“Okay,” Sam said, closing the lube and tossing the tube off to his left.

Sam reached down with his lube-drenched hand and smeared it all over Dean's balls and between his ass cheeks.

“Dude!” Dean yelped. “Cold!”

Sam chuckled. “Sorry.”

“No you're not,” Dean grumbled.

“What was that?” Sam asked, spreading the lube over Dean's dick, then messily coating Dean's taint.

“Nothing,” Dean said, rubbing his hands over his face, hiding his smile. “Hey!” he barked, pulling his hands away from his face and glaring at Sam.

“What?” Sam asked, two fingers still inside Dean.

“You start with one finger, kinda tease around the hole for a while to ease me into it,” Dean said with less censure in his tone of voice than was probably warranted.

“Oh, I forgot,” Sam said, biting his lip so he wouldn't grin.

“I think we're gonna have to go over this a few times before you try it on somebody else,” Dean said. “You don't seem to be picking this up as quick as all the other shit I taught you.”

Sam tried really hard to keep the chuckle to himself, but it came out anyway. “I'll practice as many times as you think I need to before I fuck anyone else,” he said as he gently moved his fingers inside Dean.

“Ah! Gentle!” Dean complained, frowning up at Sam.

“Oh! Was that your prostate?” Sam asked, eyes wide.

“Yeah,” Dean said, obviously getting a little grouchy with the rough treatment.

Sam leaned forward and kissed Dean's stomach. He looked up at his brother, a grin on his face. “Maybe you should tell me what to do so we both have a good time,” he whispered, then leaned back.

Dean bit his lip for a moment, and Sam could tell the moment it hit him that they had been roleplaying his fantasy, not just having some fun. Sam watched the blush spread over Dean's cheeks and gave himself a mental pat on the back for having distracted Dean so thoroughly from what they were doing.

“Okay, uhm, you found my prostate,” Dean said, falling back into his role. “Treat it kinda like a clit in that you don't start out rough. Ease me into it. You can get pretty rough, but in the beginning, just run your fingers over it and push up.”

“My dick hurts,” Sam said, frowning down at his hard cock.

Dean chuckled. “Then you'd better get me all turned on and begging for it quick so you can fuck me.”

Sam nodded, pushing his fingers in deep, then pushing his fingers over Dean's prostate with a firm stroke, grinning when Dean squirmed and moaned.

“Good?” Sam asked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah. Much better. Just keep going with that. Listen to the noises I make, the way I move, just like I told you to do with girls.”

“Okay,” Sam said with a nod, then leaned down and licked at the head of Dean's cock.

“Mmm, yeah, and that helps too,” Dean said, lifting his hips off the floor in an attempt to get more from Sam.

Sam sucked the head of Dean's cock into his mouth, flicking the tip of his tongue over Dean's slit while he bent his fingers inside Dean's hole, working harder on Dean's prostate.

“Fuck!” Dean groaned. “Sam! Sam, I'm gonna come!'

Sam let Dean's dick fall from his mouth, his fingers stilling inside Dean. “I did good?” he asked.

Dean whined, squirming on the floor as his orgasm backed off. “That was fuckin' mean,” he grumbled.

Sam frowned. “You told me not to make guys come before I fuck them,” he said.

Dean let out a chuckle as he ran his fingers through his hair. “Yeah, I know, Sammy,” he said, dropping his hands at his sides again. “You're doing good, kid.”

Sam flashed a smile at him, sure that his dimples were showing. “Cool,” he said.

“Okay, now that you've got me all turned on, push a third finger in,” Dean said. “You're a big boy, so you've gotta make sure I'm stretched enough for that monster.”

Sam chuckled. “Mine's bigger than yours,” he sing-songed.

Dean laughed, shaking his head. “You probably want to keep that to yourself if you're with somebody else.”

“But it is bigger,” Sam said with a frown.

Dean chuckled, a bigger smile on his face than Sam had seen in quite a while. “Yeah, it is, but most guys aren't all that secure in their own masculinity. Not like me,” he said with a grin.

Sam snorted, then gasped and looked at Dean, excited expression on his face. “Hey, so is bigger really better? Is this gonna be more awesome because I have a big dick?”

Dean squirmed as Sam started stroking his prostate again. “Uhm, not everybody likes a bigger dick inside them, but there are plenty of guys that'll get a kick out of it. Just like with girls.”

Sam leaned down, casually rubbing the palm of his left hand over Dean's dick, as if he didn't realize he was playing with Dean's cock. “Are you one of those guys? You gonna get a kick out of having your little brother's big cock inside you? Filling you up until all you can feel is me?”

Dean's cock jerked under Sam's hand as he moaned. “Fuck, yeah,” he hissed.

“I've seen the way you look at my dick, Dean,” Sam drawled, watching as Dean licked his lips. “You can't wait to have me inside you.”

“Uhm, I-yeah,” Dean said, his right hand covering Sam's, trying to get more friction on his dick.

“You'll be walkin' funny tomorrow,” Sam whispered. “We'll be on a case, walkin' around, and everybody'll see you limping and they'll know why when they see me. They'll know I fucked you good and hard, and you'll have a stupid grin on your face all day, so no one can mistake that limp for anything else.”

“Sam,” Dean breathed, pulling at Sam's hand. “Ah, fuck,” he said, writhing as Sam squeezed his cock and stroked over his prostate at the same time.

“You gonna come, Dean?” Sam asked.

Dean nodded. “Yeah,” he said, wincing.

“I'd better stop then,” Sam said, pulling his fingers out of Dean's hole and taking his hand off Dean's cock at the same time.

“Fuck!” Dean growled, his hips coming off the floor as his thighs shook. “Fuck! You, ah, Sam! Fuck! That's fuckin' mean, you asshole!”

“Tell me what to do now, Dean,” Sam said, slicking his cock up.

“You suck at innocence roleplay,” Dean grumbled.

Sam chuckled as he lined his dick up with Dean's hole. “No, I'm a quick study and I have an awesome teacher,” he said with a smirk. “So tell me what to do.”

“You fuck me before I punch you in the face,” Dean said.

Sam frowned. “Is that how most people beg?” Dean growled, struggling to sit up and grabbing at Sam's hair. “Okay! Okay! Don't rip my hair out! I get it!” Sam said as he laughed.

Dean flopped onto his back again and reached for his dick, stroking it. “Show me everything I've taught you about fucking somebody,” he said with a challenge in his eyes.

“Okay,” Sam said, slowly pushing into Dean.

“Ah, yeah,” Dean said, arching his back.

Sam grabbed Dean's legs, his hands cupping the backs of Dean's knees, pushing so Dean was at a better angle. He bottomed out in Dean, letting him adjust for a moment.

“I'm good,” Dean said with a nod. “Move.”

“You okay with fast and hard?” Sam asked with a smirk.

“Fuck, yeah!” Dean said.

Sam grinned, then started fucking Dean, pushing on his legs even more to get the leverage he needed to fuck him hard. “Tell me how much you like having your little brother's dick in your ass.”

“Sam!” Dean cried out as the change in position provided more stimulation to his prostate.

“I'll stop if you don't tell me,” Sam warned. “C'mon. Tell me.”

Dean looked up at Sam, already panting as he stroked himself. “It feels great.”

Sam snorted. “You're the one who taught me how to talk dirty. You can do better than that.”

“It's fuckin' amazing,” Dean growled.

“I'm gonna stop,” Sam sing-songed.

“Fuck,” Dean hissed. “Fine. It's fuckin' huge. My baby brother's cock is huge and it feels fuckin' amazing inside me. It's so big it burns, but it's a good burn, draggin' over my prostate like nobody's ever done before. I'm so close to coming already that it hurts.”

“Much better,” Sam said, letting go of Dean's leg so he could wrap his right hand around Dean's cock after knocking Dean's hand away. “Now I want you to come. I want to feel your little hole clenching all around my cock. And I want you to say my name when you come.”

Sam fucked Dean even harder, his hand rough on Dean's cock as they both got closer to the edge. He felt Dean's fingernails digging into the skin of his thighs and it only added to his pleasure.

“Sam,” Dean whimpered, most likely getting rug burn on his back. “Sam, I'm gonna come. Gonna, fuck, oh, Sam! Sam!” he yelled, his hole clenching around Sam's cock as his back arched, his legs spreading even more, his nails digging into Sam's thighs.

Sam held on for as long as he could, but the tightness surrounding his cock was too much and he went over the edge, pounding into Dean as he squeezed Dean's cock through the last of his orgasm. Sam kept fucking into him until he was spent, panting and feeling lethargic.

He gently pulled out of Dean, watching as his come leaked from Dean's hole. He let go of Dean's cock and pushed two fingers into Dean's asshole, making Dean whimper. Sam fingerfucked him for a few moments, then bent his fingers inside Dean, pulling more come out as he pulled his fingers out.

“Open your mouth,” Sam said, and when Dean obeyed without really putting much thought to it, Sam pushed his messy fingers in. “Suck,” he demanded.

Dean moaned around Sam's fingers, making Sam's cock twitch even though he'd just come. He pulled his fingers out, then let himself fall on Dean.

“Dude, you're heavy!” Dean complained, then squirmed as Sam sucked on his neck.

“You'll live,” Sam said, then continued sucking.

“You give me a hickey and I'll kick your ass,” Dean threatened.

“Okay,” Sam said, then bit Dean's neck.

Dean just chuckled, apparently giving up on the idea of getting Sam off him.

Part 3
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