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28 January 2014 @ 01:23 am
Resonance 'Verse Master Post  
Resonance 'Verse

AO3 Series Page
Dean/Castiel || NC-17/Adult || 10,000 Words

This 'verse starts out with Resonance, where Dean and Cas are hit by the force of a witch's powers gone wrong, and Dean can suddenly see Cas' true form, hear his true voice, and hear the wide range of vocalizations he never knew angels used.

  1. Resonance

    LJ || AO3 || SPNKink-Meme
    Dean/Castiel || NC-17/Adult || 7000 Words

    Summary: Fill for an Anonymous Prompt. After Dean and Castiel are hit by the force of a witch's powers gone wrong, Dean is able to hear Cas making odd noises, and he sees things he probably shouldn't be seeing. Dean learns angels communicate in a way humans never could, and that Castiel's true form is more than Dean could've imagined.

  2. Glossary

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || G/General || Reference Material

    Someone requested a glossary, so here's is an alphabetized list of the noises angels make and their meanings. I'll most likely add to this list as the need for more noises and meanings come up.

    This is a list of the basic meanings, but as Dean finds out, the meanings can change slightly if they're used in combination with other noises.

    The list includes spoilers for some of the parts of Resonance 'Verse.

  3. Sensory Deprivation

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || NC-17/Adult || 4000 Words

    Summary: Castiel wants to try sensory deprivation. Dean agrees to it just because Cas wants it, but quickly finds out how it focuses his attention on Cas' touch, on the noises Cas makes, and he realizes how intimate the whole thing is.

  4. Occupational Hazards

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || PG-13/Teen || 1600 Words

    Summary: Dean, Castiel, and Sam are hunting a werewolf at night in Washington State when Dean hears Cas calling for help through the forest.

  5. Bored of Boredom

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || PG-13/Teen || 1000 Words

    Summary: Dean is bored. So is Cas. Sam's not impressed.

  6. Family Matters

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || PG-13/Teen || 1000 Words

    Summary: Dean is bored. So is Cas. Sam's not impressed.

  7. Won't Let Go

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel || PG-13/Teen || 2600 Words

    Summary: Dean and Castiel are on the case of a missing child, having been sent to investigate by Bobby because of a tip from another hunter. See warnings.

  8. Motive and Opportunity

    LJ || AO3
    Sam/Gabriel || NC-17/Adult || 6500 Words

    Summary: At the end of Family Matters, Gabriel whisks Sam away, telling Dean and Cas that he'll explain the situation to Sam. This is what happened after that.

  9. Wrapped Around You

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel & Sam/Gabriel || NC-17/Adult || 8000 Words

    Summary: While investigating reports of odd lights in the forest, the guys stumble into the unexpected. Oh, and poor Sam needs some brain bleach.

  10. Closed Circuit

    LJ || AO3
    Dean/Castiel & Sam/Gabriel || PG-13/Teen || 5100 Words

    Summary: Sam decides a relic needs to be destroyed, and Cas isn't that happy about it. Now they've lost something that would've helped them kill the creature that's been attacking men on hunting grounds.
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